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key features
  • Divide compartments by survey team
  • List items by compartment
  • List equipment
  • Tag weights to add, move, or deduct
  • Notes per compartment
  • Locate items from fixed reference points
  • Compartments and items can be added on the fly
  • Compartment's items become part of a common inventory list
  • Additional data capture such as photo
  • Includes functionality to support a broad base of users and complex use cases
  • All data can be easily verified
  • Reduces the number of personnel and hours necessary to conduct weight surveys
  • Cuts costs and waste of repeating surveys due to inaccuracies
  • Easy to use and portable mobile application
  • Data captured from weight surveys can be reused for other purposes

Introducing ShipSurveyorXT

Praeses Business Technologies have developed a mobile application, ShipSurveyorXT, which modernizes and automates deadweight survey processes. It multiplies the benefit to both shipyards and customers by eliminating inefficient paper-based methods. ShipSurveyorXT supports a wide variety of programs and activities and captures the data in a way that makes it useful to downstream processes.

“There hasn’t been a way to efficiently capture ship survey information in a digital format — that was until Praeses Business Technologies partnered with us and the National Shipbuilding Research Program to build and pilot a mobile application to support and streamline processes to survey ships prior to inclining experiments.“  

Fincantieri Marinette Marine